TMZ has published a photo of pop icon Justin Bieber playing beer pong. Now the question remains, when and where was this picture taken?

There are conflicting reports as to when the picture was actually taken. Some say it is a recent photo, which puts him at 18 years old, yet others say the photo is a year old. In any case, if this photo was taken in Georgia or Alabama, like some say it was, that puts Bieber drinking while under age.

On the other hand, some say that this photo was taken north of the border, in Canada. If so, then all is legal in the photo. Still, why is Bieber wearing a pack back and headphones while playing beer pong? I have seen many play beer pong at Cajun Field during tailgating, and I've never seen anyone sport such fashion icons. Loosen up Bieber, its just BEER PONG!!

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