If last night's Billboard Awards were Facebook page, then Justin Bieber definitely changed his status to "In A Relationship with Selena Gomez." When the 17-year-old pop star won "Best New Artist" honors, he grabbed his "maybe she is, maybe she isn't" girl-pal Selena Gomez and planted one, POW, right on the kisser. Teenage tears were heard hitting living room floors around the world as Beliebers were in a likely tug-o-war of emotions. On one hand, they were more than elated that Justin FINALLY got the recognition he deserved for all of his hard work .. and then jealousy invaded as he locked lips with public enemy #1 of The Beliebers, Selena Gomez.

I found the exchange smooth, but the aftermath was quite awkward. Watch how Justin pulls on Selena as if he wanted her to come up on stage much to her dismay. She even falls onto, then eventually into a seat. I think I may have also seen a wardrobe malfunction from her scantily cut dress! Check the vid and see if you agree!