Being that he is almost 18, we assume that Justin Bieber hit puberty a long time ago. But is his voice just now catching up with his age? The Biebs displays a refreshing new sound on a remix of Drake's 'Trust Issues.' While the teen sensation keeps it clean, he shows us a more mature sound than his usual teeny-pop vocal styling. It's cool to see JB showing us that he is maturing without following in the footsteps of other child/teen stars who went to extremes in their efforts to say "I'm not a kid anymore." *cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*

Now with that said, how do you think the two Canadian crooners sound on this remix? The jury is still out for me on that one, so I'll let you have a listen and decide.

Justin Bieber & Drake - Trust Issues (Remix) [NSFW: Language]