During a deposition last week, singer Justin Bieber got very cocky, arrogant, ugly, snotty, etc. with attorneys as they asked him questions. The deposition centers around the lawsuit that alleges his bodyguard punched and beat up a photographer.

TMZ got their hands on the deposition, which was nearly 4.5 hrs. long, and edited it down to the best parts. As you can see in this four minute video, Bieber wanted nothing to do with attorneys on this day.

Bieber truly showed his true colors in this one. He obviously has no respect for authority, and I'll say it again---Justin Bieber is his own worst enemy. I honestly wanted to jump through my computer monitor to slap Bieber and say, "Straighten up before it's too late." Well now that I think about it, it may already be too late being he has so many pending legal issues.