Remember when we saw Miley Cyrus hitting that bong for the first time? I just had deja vu seeing pictures of Justin Bieber clutching onto a blunt in photos posted just minutes ago by TMZ. I'll be honest, even though I'm not sure what it is, it's weird to see Biebs smoking ANYTHING - but sources say that it is indeed pot.

The pics were reportedly snapped back on January 2nd - just one day after the paparazzo was killed trying to photograph Bieber in his white Ferrari. Just a few hours before the photog was killed - he made a call saying that he witnessed Justin smoking weed. Ironically, sources close to Bieber's camp were insistent that he was lying.

The photos were reportedly taken earlier this week at a big party inside a Newport Beach Hotel room, where Justin's 19-year-old BFF/YMCMB rapper Lil Twist (who was driving Bieber's Ferarri when the paparazzo was killed) and his brother were the ones rolling up the blunts and smoking everyone out. To make matters worse, sources also say a girl crashed in the hotel room with Justin - and it wasn't Selena.

Yikes. No word from Bieber's peeps yet. We'll see how this turns out.

Do you think it's weed? Is it just a cigarette? Either way, comment now!