Justin Bieber is CLEARLY unphased by allegations that he fathered the infant son of Mariah Yeater. Would anyone worried about a possible baby/crazy baby mama in his future have time to spit hot rhymes over the instrumental beat of Kanye West & Jay Z's 'Otis' ?


This isn't the first time Justin has showed us his love for performing hip hop. Recently he put his touch on fellow Canadian Drake's 'Trust Issues', and Weezy's 'How To Love' but neither of those really showcased his rapping skills quite like this.

Justin Bieber throws out impressive lyrics, not to mention a pretty tight flow over the 'Watch The Throne' single, and even though it doesn't seem like a freestyle, and even IF he didn't write the verses himself, I'm gonna stand up and say the kid's got skills!

If you are dead set on disagreeing, at least check out the video first!

Justin Bieber Spits Over 'Otis' Beat