Justin Bieber was a victim to a cyber thief recently as all of his music videos were removed from his YouTube account. A YouTube user who goes by the name iLCreation submitted a copyright claim on each of Bieber's videos... including the "Baby" video which has over 600 MILLION views.

YouTube's policy is to yank all copyright material first, and then ask questions later, thus all of Bieber's music videos were pulled from the site as soon as a claim was made. iLCreation also went after a few Lady Gaga videos - but only a few of her videos are missing in action.

Also under attack was Bieber's VEVO channel (a dedicated site for music videos) has been completely wiped out for the time being. However, a rep for VEVO said that they are working with YouTube, and hope to have this problem resolved ASAP.

I'm not sure if you noticed this, but during the VMA telecast Sunday night on MTV, Bieber seemed to not be interested in the show at all. It was obvious that something was on his mind, and now that we know this story, I can't help but speculate that he was non-to-happy of this cyber "break-in."