On Thursday, September 19, Justin Timberlake previewed snippets of his new single, 'TKO' on his official Instagram page. The clips featured JT in a recording studio while the song is heard playing in the background. We are happy to give you the chance to hear the follow-up to 'Take Back The Night' in it's entirety.

Timberlake is set to drop the second of two installments of his 20/20 Experience September 30 and 'TKO' will be one of the songs featured on the new album. The former NSYNC member is also getting ready to hit the stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas this Saturday, September 21, and has already mentioned that he will be performing new tunes.

I have not put the set list together yet because, as you know, I procrastinate on things like that, but we are looking at playing some new material from the second half of this record, so I'm excited for people to hear it.

Normally, we would have a whole opinion piece on the record, but it's literally so new THAT we haven't even gotten a chance to listen to it. Have a listen to 'TKO' and tell us what you think of the new track!