For some one that went into retirement sure did come out with a big BANG! Forget about golfing and plaid paints.They need to change the definition of Retirement to  bringing sexy back , do you remember that song from 6 years ago?  Yeah its been that long . Yesterday Justin released his 1st single in 6years called "Suit and Tie" feat. Jay Z.  It went straight to number one on itunes. Before releasing the single JT made a I'm back video saying :

"I don’t want to put anything out that I feel like is something I don’t love,”

Then JT went to twitter today with :

"So humbled by all of this. This day has been TOO crazy. I just have to say it one more time to all of you guys and gals... THANK YOU!!"


Justin promises a new release in 2013 titled The 20/20 Experience. We're  excited ! Are you?

If you’ve haven't  memorized all the words just yet have no fear as Justin released a lyric/ Karaoke video to help you sing along.