Kanye West and his fresh new girlfriend Kim Kardashian had quite the eventful weekend in New York City. Unfortunately, this past weekend also included a wardrobe malfunction for Yeezy, leaving the MC "caught with his pants down" - literally. While Kimye exited a car on Friday night, Ye gave the paparazzi a free show as his pants slipped down past his thighs. (Whoops!)

According to E! Online, Kanye was able to act quickly and pull his pants back up as Kim was totally oblivious as to what was taking place behind her. My question is, "Why were Kayne's pants down in the first place?" (Ahem, Kim?)

Hollywood's newest power couple was able to laugh off the fashion faux-pas as they ended the evening with a night cap at Kanye's place. There is no confirmation, but sources say Kanye is already referring to the mishap as "the greatest wardrobe malfunction of all time."

Kanye West Has A Wardrobe Malfunction