Just when Kanye West thought he dodged felony assault charges for that alleged "attack" on a photographer at LAX, the victim is refusing going down without a fight. Daniel Ramos has lawyered up with civil rights guru Gloria Allred, who held a press conference today announcing that Ramos has filed a lawsuit against Kanye West.

Allred described the "attack" from Ramos' perspective, saying that,

without warning or provocation, Mr. West suddenly attacked Danny, punching him and attempted to wrested Danny's camera from his hand

She went on to say that Ramos fell to his knees on the sidewalk with enough force to sustain injuries to his right hip. Ramos then took the microphone to express the "shock," "terror," and "pain" that he experienced at the hands of Kanye West.

When Kanye West attacked me, I was in complete shock,” said Ramos. “All I had done was asked him a question. I was terrified when Kanye started coming at me. I backed up because I felt from the look in his eyes that he was going to attack me…I was in terrible pain from the attack and I am still in pain. I spent two weeks on crutches and then I was walking with a cane for some time.

Now, even if you are a bonafide Kanye-hater, any person who has seen the footage of this "attack," knows that this guy is full of it. Kanye did indeed go after the guy, and engaged in what you could call a mini-tussle with him, before speeding off with a driver; but to say what happened resulted in "terrible pain" forcing him to need assistance walking?

Come on son.

Like I said before, Kanye did wrestle with the guy, but claiming those types of injuries as a result of the altercation is just plain absurd. In case you missed the "vicious" attack, here it is below. But in order to get the full effect, read Ramos' statement above while watching the video and see if what he described matches up with what is actually taking place.

Even the world's biggest Kanye hater would call BS on this one.