The day that we all found out Kim Kardashian was pregnant for Kanye West, we were all asking, how will they, the Kardashian's, try to make money off of their latest addition? Well, sources close to the couple say that Kanye does NOT want his child to be a source for profit for he and Kim, nor for Kim's mom, Kris Jenner.

Sources close to Kim and Kanye say that as soon as Kim has the baby she is done with television. The same sources also says that both Kim and Kanye do NOT want their child on television. However, Kim's "momager" may have different plans, and that is where a potential conflict lies between Kim and Kayne.

An insider told Star Magazine, in the January 21st edition that, “Kanye is all about marketing his career, but family is important to him, and using their baby as a moneymaker disgusts him.” As well it should! It’s not like he and Kim need anymore money, so what gives? It’s the fame! Kim is addicted and can’t give it up not even for her baby! “Kim and Kris are already working overtime to line up as many endorsement deals as possible,” the source dished.

The same source says that Kim plans on trademarking the unborn child's name, but Kanye wants none of that. "He’ll leave Kim and fight for custody before he’ll let them exploit his child,” says the source to the Star Magazine.

The only thing I ask is, did Kanye West ever really think that Kim and her "momager" would not try to profit off of this child? Kris Jenner's resume and track record speak for itself. In my opinion, Kris Jenner is the modern day Joe Jackson. She makes money off of her children, and now grandchildren. It is my prediction that the day will come, when doors slam and Kim breaks down in tears and it will all be over the image or publicity of her child with Kanye West. May I add, when all of this happens...the cameras WILL be rolling.

Source: Celebrity Laundry