Well since the divorce was announced there seems to be more dirt dropping around Katy Perry.There was something about this marriage that just didn't seem right, who would have thought it would be the love life.  According to What Would Tyler Duren Do, Russell Brand was a sex addict (there is a real surprise) and was use to having sex 5 times a day.  I thought running 3 miles a week and going to the gym was breaking a sweat, but I'm not even close to being in the same division with this guy!  Russell Brand was always known for his wild ways and CRAZY life style; I guess there are some habits that he just couldn't drop. A source claimed,

Katy was kinky enough during their first times together and he was very attracted to her.

So she was more fun before she got married? I guess she like the fact of being a 'Bad Girl,' but then when she got married it lost is taste.  What did Katy Perry not have that he wanted though?  As far as I know every guy would bend over backwards just to talk to her. This quote was found on What Would Tyler Durden Do,

He likes dirty things. He really gets off on one particular porno with a guy in a wheelchair. He’s attracted to things he can’t imagine happening to him. (And) he has a closet full of sex toys.”

Well its not a loss for Katy Perry though, she still has a killer career and is still gorgeous!!!!