Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson spent the majority of his career eluding defenders, but this Memorial Day weekend he was the one doing the chasing. Johnson furiously chased down Justin Bieber after the pop star was speeding recklessly in his Ferarri through a Calabasas neighborhood.

Keyshawn was leaving a party on Sunday night with his child in tow when Biebs flew by in his Ferrari at reported breakneck speeds. Johnson was FURIOUS, feeling that Bieber could have killed someone; so he brought his child home, and chased after Justin in his Prius.

Sources say SEVERAL people witnessed the speeding incident -- and say Justin was definitely in the driver's seat. We're told the witnesses told Sheriff's deputies ...  Bieber appeared stoned at the time.

When Keyshawn pulled up, he blocked the driveway with his Prius to confront Justin face-to-face, but Bieber ran inside of the house refusing to come out. Most of Keyshawn's days are now spent behind the desk at ESPN; but with Johnson at 6'4, 212 lbs and Bieber at 5'7, 110 lbs (soaking wet), it's pretty clear why Justin wouldn't want anything to do with the former NFL player.

I can only wish it was football season, so we could see this featured on a segment Keyshawn's 'COME ON MANNNN'

[via TMZ]