We have always been #TeamKhloe here at Hot, and we are NOT mad at the newly-single Kardashian flaunting her sexy new bikini body on Instagram.

The 29-year-old recent divorcee has been looking better than ever and during her Thai vaca she was the least bit reserved when it came to showing off the results of her hard work in the gym as of late in a series of Instagram photos.

While her sisters have opted for bikinis in all their Thai photos, Khloe opted to show off her long legs and incredible curves in a black one piece accented with a nautical hat that is fully swagged out with a gold chain.

I'm guessing the cross tattoo on the reality starlet's chest and the "K" on her wrist is just temporary artwork that she acquired on holiday, but hot nevertheless.

Is this full red-lipped Khloe that's full of confident sexiness a temporary thing, or is she here to stay? She has revealed recently that even though she has divorced Lamar, she's still working through the rough patch in her life.

Speaking of Lamar, he insists that he still wants to make it work with Khloe and told In Touch that he would be seeing her soon.

Ummm, Lamar... don't ruin this.

I speak for the entire Hot Crew when I say we're loving the "new" Khloe. She's always been the most relatable and down-to-earth member of the bunch, and if she keeps this up, she may easily become the lead Kardashian -- especially with Kim leaning more towards motherhood and family life with Kanye.

In the meantime, we'll be Keeping Up With (Khloe) Kardashian.