When Ollie McAninch, 33, was planning on marrying his wife-to-be, he could not have anticipated how his closest friends would take him on his bachelor party. 16 of Ollie's friends staged a kidnapping and put the bachelor in the white van and drove for 100-miles, all while poor Ollie thought he was being kidnapped.

The groom-to-be was was transported more than 100 miles to the Devon countryside where he was stripped and told to wear a lime green Borat-style mankini while riding a bicycle the rest of the way.

To make matters worse, the ordeal stressed poor Ollie so much that he came down with a case of SHINGLES!! Yes, the painful rash you get when your stress levels are through the roof!! The poor guy was forced to stay away from his fiance for nearly a month as he recovered from the illness.

Was this prank really worth a case of the shingles, probably not!! Imagine if your friends ever did this to you, would they even be permitted into your wedding reception?