Kim Kardashian is currently carrying the spawn of Kanye West, and if you couple their narcissism one can only imagine what the baby shower invitation to celebrate the upcoming birth of their joint effort would look like. Well, thanks to our friends at TMZ, we now know it is just as out of control as we expected it to be.

All jokes aside, this thing is pretty epic. It looks like something you would see handed out at some award show, but while most of us would just use the coolest template in whatever stationary program is on our computers, this is how Kim does baby shower invites.


The invite to Kim K's June 2nd bash -- sent to a guest close to Kanye West -- arrived as a fully functional music box, complete with a spinning ballerina ... dancing to a lullaby version of Kanye's "Hey Mama."

Unfortunately, we didn't get an invite, so we are just gonna scroll through Kim K's Instagram feed and press play on the video below. You're more than welcome to join in.