In a recent tweet, Kim Karadashian showed off more than just her new hairstyle. Following her divorce to Kris Humphres, Kim Kardashian did what most ladies do following a break-up. Once she has a new hairstyle, Kim went to the social media world and posted a very SEXY photo of herself.









This week Kim tweeted pics of herself with her lighter locks, asking her fans to weigh in on the new color. But her hair wasn't the only thing she showed off in the pics - she also captured her cleavage! Love her or hate her, I think we would all agree, Kim Kardashian is HOT!!! I only hope that for his his own sake, her ex-husband, Kris Humphries, has elected to "unfollow" her on Twitter. I'd hate for him to see what he no longer has!!!

Below is the what Kim posted to her own Twitter...And oh, don't forget to checkout her NEW HAIRSTYLE. After all, that's what the tweet was designed to show off right???