In the 'Everyone Saw It Coming' category, TMZ is reporting that Kim Kardashian has separated from Kris Humphries as of today (October 31st), and is filing for divorce. Hard to imagine that it's only been 72 days since the wedding of the year took place (which E! has covered with glee for the entire time). The wedding had been reported to cost $10,000,000, which means that it cost $138,888 per day. Doesn't seem like a great value, unless you add in the amount of advertisers that paid to be a part of the wedding, which was replayed on tv the other day. Somewhere, in a back room, there are discussions on the next series that Kim can be the star of, maybe a Kim K - Single and Ready to Mingle show, similar to 'The Bachelor'.

Here's a quick rundown of pre-wedding press as well as the pre-divorce scoop from TMZ:

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    Kim's Bridal Shower

    If you ever give fuzzy white handcuffs as a bridal shower present and the bride kind of smirks it off, there's something going on that hasn't made it to the press yet.

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    Kim's Bachelorette Party

    Gotta watch the difference in energy level between Kim and Kris' parties. You'll have to wait till the end to see Kris' party, as it took up about 20 seconds of the video. Rockin the classy white t-shirt, he's keepin it real.

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    The Night Before

    Wow, E! News really has a lock on the Kardashians (especially since there are multiple shows with them, and Ryan Seacrest produces them all). They had all the info regarding the wedding, and probably had the info on the upcoming divorce, since there are rumors about the wedding being scripted.

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    Kim and Kris' Post-Wedding Interview

    (see how much in love they are?)

    Here's where you can really feel the love between these two. They took more jabs at each other than a professional boxing match, and they were only married for about a day when this interview took place.

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    The Beginning Of The End

    And the rest will be history, and eventually a new show.