Is Kim Karadashian a Bridezilla now that we know what she expects for gifts when she weds her finance', Kris Humphries. Take a look at her registry, and let us know what you think.


So, what does Kim want? Here is a portion of her requests: A $6,500 Lalique Tourbillon vase (she also asked for an additional vase by the same designer that runs about $4,600). Still, there are moderately-priced items on the alleged Kardashian/Humphries registry. The couple asked for a $43 butter spreader, and a $46 martini glass.

For her complete list click HERE

So what do you think, is this normal or not? I personally find the registry to be a little outlandish, but her last name is Kardashian so what should we expect? Whatever happened to simply asking for a Mr. Coffee or Hoover Vacuum Cleaner??? Come on Kim, keep it simple!!!