The man that was married to Kim Kardashain for 72-days returned to the hardwood court in New York's Madison Square Garden last night and the New York fans let him have it!!! Kris Humphries was greeted with by the fans with deafening boos for several minutes as he entered into the game between the Nets and the Knicks. In his first game back since re-signing with the Knicks, Humphries was not greeted with open arms in New York. Humphries reportedly has signed an $8 Million contract to play for the New Jersey Nets.


I guess he no longer needs that "Kardashian Cash," but I bet he'd still rather have Kim Kardashian in his corner rather than having to hear the "Boo Birds" in arenas all year long.  However, I will say this, in his defense, maybe the crowds should be cheering him for no longer being part of the "Kardashian Clan."