Ladies, there is a new product out that may help you turn guys "off" and it comes in the form of "Hairy Leg" stockings. Yes, it is stockings laced with hair, and it gives others the impression that you have failed to shave for a lengthy period of time.

A company in China designed the product for ladies in hope warding off unwanted attention from men. So basically, if you ladies are going somewhere and don't want to have to deal with guys hitting on you while out, you slide these unattractive stockings on and you're on your way.

Yahoo wrote of the product, "Channel your inner hippie! And hey, these tights are probably even warmer than actual leg hair."

We should note here that these stockings are not 100% guaranteed to turn guys away. You know that some guy out there salivates over women who do NOT shave their legs, you have been warned!!