Lady Gaga gets hot and heavy with a hunk in her sex-and-death, black and white short film for 'Dope.' Things don't end well, though, as she plummets to her death. But it's a metaphorical death.

The song is the only sound we hear in the short film, which is just under two minutes. She also resurrects her heavy bangs and dark, smoky-eyed look from the 'Poker Face' era, suggesting that this could have taken place in the past. Or not.

With rings that spell out 'DIOR' on her fingers and her face on hundred dollar bills and magazine covers, Gaga is the image of opulence, as she and her man roll around in the bed, sparked by passion.

He carries her to the balcony, where they continue the makeout sesh on the railing before either drops her or pushes her over the side to her certain death while a paparazzi lens narrows in on the action. Whether he does it on purpose or accidentally lets her go is up to your interpretation of the action.

This also happens after she says that she trusts him. We, on the other hand, do not trust him. He could be in it with her for 'The Fame.'

As she is sprawled on the sidewalk after her fall, the headlines change to scream that she is over and done. But she really isn't! She rises again.

It's rich with meaning. It indicates that Gaga is more than aware of what the media and critics are saying about her and how they won't be the death of her, even if they think they are.

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