Would you want to live in a house with a spooky past?

Catrina McGhaw quickly found out that she was living in a serial killer's house after she saw it on a TV show about serial killers on the A&E Network! It was the home that serial killer Maury Travis used as a torture chamber.

When McGhaw moved in, the the landlord was so nice she threw in a dining room table. McGhaw later found out that the furniture was in all the crime photos on the documentary, she even gave her the chairs the killer sat on. CREEPY!!

Well, come to find out the landlord was the killers mother!! What a shocker.


Ms. McGhaw was ready to move out as soon as she found out. She called her landlord and the landlord told her "too bad, you signed a lease you have to stay and pay!"

What's even more disturbing is that the killer used the basement to torture women and kill them. The main beam where he would tie them up and do the killing is still standing in the basement of the house.

Ms. McGhaw said before she knew the house was lived in by a serial killer, her 2-year-old niece was playing in the basement near the pole and got really scared saying there was someone there in pain and crying, but when she went to look no one was there. GOOSEBUMPS!

McGhaw ended up pleading with the St. Louis housing authority to get out of her lease, and they approved it. She will be out at the end of this month!