Did you that it is ILLEGAL to mount signs on public property or on utility poles in Lafayette? If you were not aware of this law, you probably aren't the only one. There are signs advertising various services all over the city, and now city officials are going after those who are putting the signs out . According to a story on KLFY-TV,  a sign ordinance in Lafayette says no one is allowed to put up a sign in the public right-of-way. The purpose for not allowing signs on public right-of-ways and/or utility poles is to keep Lafayette beautiful. City officials say that too many signs have littered the city, thus they are taking away from the beauty of Lafayette.

In 2008, city officials removed nearly 5,000 signs and since then, neighborhood groups have joined the efforts to keep Lafayette clean and beautiful.

Lafayette city officials hope that more people get word of this law and that people stop posting signs on public grounds and on utility poles. In an effort to keep Lafayette clean, officials are asking citizens to become more proactive and help maintenance public grounds around their businesses and neighborhoods.

Source: KLFY