It's something we've known as long as we've been living in the area. It's hard to top the diversity and quality of the food here in Lafayette, and the judges with Rand McNally agree. According to KPEL 96.5, The judges from the food category, the team of Jim and Bonnie Parr, aka The Fun Finders, visited Lafayette earlier this month and spent about 40 hours in the city, visiting more than 10 local restaurants. In the winning announcement, Rand McNally said that the judges identified Lafayette’s food as “flavorful, not hot or spicy” and that they enjoyed the dessert of “Cajun dancing.”

This is some welcome news, as Lafayette will be featured in Rand McNally's guide as the 'Must Visit' city for foodies across the country by winning the Best Food category. The city will be featured in USA Today as well as having won the title this year.

To all the restaurants, from big to small, formal dining to grocery store plate lunches, hold your heads up high and know that the United States will know what we've known all along, you want good food? Head to Lafayette!