Lamar Odom has broken his silence and shared his thoughts with the Twittersphere in his first post since rumors of marriage problems between he and Khloe (stemming from an alleged crack cocaine problem) went public. Odom ripped into his father for criticizing the Kardashians in a recent interview and for the first time we see Odom admitting he is in a "dark place."

Odom's first tweet was a simple one, stating that he was "seeing the snakes," but his next post was the one that saw Lamar acknowledging the demons that he is currently facing during this difficult time in his life.


In the scathing message, Odom makes it clear that his father touched a nerve with a recent interview he did where he criticized the Kardashians and blamed them for Odom's shortcomings as of late. He made it VERY clear that his father was not a part of his life growing up due to his struggles with drug abuse and addiction.

He also added that his father wasn't even invited to his wedding and hasn't never even met Kris Jenner as well as other members of the Kardashian family.

Recently Odom was charged with a DUI, adding insult to injury in the wake of a battle with substance abuse, and it is still being reported that Khloe is NOT trying to save Lamar and has started to move on.

We hope Lamar can find some help and get better soon.