In one of the more amusingly ironic stories I have seen in response to NBA center Jason Collins coming out as gay earlier this week, former NBA star Larry Johnson didn't hold back ANY punches with his point of view. Johnson took to Twitter and raised eyebrows by saying that the NBA locker room is no place for a gay man.

What makes his statement so ironic, is that Johnson famously cross-dressed as "Grandmama" as part of his shoe deal with Converse back when he hooped for the Hornets.

Nevertheless, while most of the NBA rallied around Jason Collins and his decision to come out, Larry Johnson fired off a series of tweets voicing the opposite; and showing us that wasn't nearly as good in the classroom, as he was on the court.

It seems as if his controversial tweets started off with the intentions of showing grace

One of his followers addressed the tweet, but Larry stuck to his guns

And then, things began to slide downhill

Downhill sliding continues

And here is where he tries to diffuse the situation

And alas, Larry Johnson then reach homophobic point of no return

Don't get it twisted, Larry Johnson has every right to have any point of view he so chooses -- but being currently employed by the New York Knicks (his former team) as part of their business operations staff, this probably isn't the best Twitter-hole to have dug himself into.

I still can't get over the fact that someone who cross-dressed as a basketball playing grandmother would feel this way, lol. Oh, and what's even more ironic is Converse's tag line at the end of the commercial.