A friend of mine put me onto a YouTube video yesterday. She told me she had a friend named Laura Reaux (pronounced 'Row') that could sing pretty well. If I had a dollar for every time I heard those exact words, I would be a thousandnaire. Most of the time, I check out everyone (because everyone does deserve a listen), but this girl caught my ear. Big time. I've seen recent singers discovered on YouTube like Maria Aragon. YouTube sensations like Maria are usually discovered while covering smash hit singles from artists like Lady Gaga, but Laura is different. She caught my attention as a GREAT singer with a GREAT voice and I was even more impressed when my friend brought to my attention that Laura actually WROTE the song that she was performing in the video. I immediately wanted to know more about this Laura Reaux and soon found out her story. Laura is a 28 yr old mother of 5 (two are twins) from New Iberia. She homeschools all the kids and also makes a living with her professional photography business. (www.laurareaux.com)

Check out this video, and feel free to share it with all your friends, because I think Laura has a great gift as both a singer and songwriter. Immediately, I compared her voice to that of Florence Welch (Florence and The Machine).. and with ALL the talent we have seen popping up as of late (Jacee Badeaux, Greyson Chance, Maria Aragon) Laura definitely deserves a shot. She has had over 1000 views on this video in just a couple of days. A video that Laura describes by saying:

I wrote and recorded this song (with my iPhone) for a few friends on Twitter and Facebook who asked to hear me sing. Please excuse the squeaky pedal, the mistakes, my kids at the end & the fact that I don't know how to play piano. ;)

Check out Laura Reaux, and make sure to share this incredible local talent and leave your comments below !!!