Former LSU Basebal Coach, Skip Bertman, was victim of a home invasion on Saturday morning, and police now believe that he was targeted by the would be robber.

On Saturday morning the former coach was awakened by a masked burglar in his Baton Rouge home and a brief scuffle ensued. Police say that the burglar entered Bertman's home through a window and was able to escape with some of Bertman's championship rings and cash.

The Bertmans have been at the same residence in Baton Rouge, on Ormond Avenue off Brightside Drive near LSU, since arriving in the early 80s.

This isn't the first time the Bertmans have had bad luck strike their home, in 2004 nearly 35% of their home was lost in a fire. The fire started in the garage, and spread to a large portion of the home.

The robbery is under investigation, and Skip Bertman has yet to release a statement about this latest incident.