A mother in Lexington, KY plans to make a statement this weekend at a high school graduation by wearing the same dress her daughter had on the day she was sent back home from school.

The high school senior was sent home on her LAST DAY of school because teachers say that the dress she had on was in violation of the dress code. The dress, well it was half an inch too short, according to school officials.

Violet Burkhart, the high school senior, says that she wore the dress to school because she wanted to get dressed up and make her last day on campus memorable. What happened next left the high senior in tears.

Violet was sent home because her dress was too short, and now her mom plans to make a statement at the upcoming graduation ceremony. Violet's mom, who says she never wears dresses, plans to wear her the same dress that her daughter on the day she was sent home to graduation.

Violet's mom says that if she thought the dress was inappropriate for her daughter to wear to school she would not have allowed her to walk out of the house with it on.

What do you think about this story? Sure, there are rules and rules are made to be followed, but do you think this student blatantly violated the rules here?