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A law librarian, Christine Hall, decided a few years back that she wanted to lose weight, but she didn't want to go on some strict diet or have to run to the gym everyday. She decided that if she was going to lose the weight it would be done in an unexpected way or manner---by only eating and drinking Starbucks products!!!

Yes, the librarian decided two years ago that her meals would come from only Starbucks and since then she has gone from weighing 190 to a trim 114 pounds. She elected to only eat and drink from Starbucks because it was easy to count calories as the coffee mogul offers it's customers the information.

Hall says she weighed over 200-pounds at one point, and when she elected to become a kidney donor, her kidney doctor addressed her weight issue. Hall said, “The kidney doctor was the first who had the nerve to say, ‘Let’s talk about your weight.’

As for her daily menu it consists of oatmeal for breakfast and a 5-calorie cup of coffee, a “bistro box” with fruit and cheese for lunch, and, she said, “I love a panini for dinner because it fills me up.” The librarian says that she continues to visit Starbucks and that since loosing all of the weight she feels wonderful. On a side note, in 2010 Hall was able to donate a kidney someone in need of one.


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Source: [NBC]