A 20-year-old mother in England was breastfeeding her son in a hot tub when a lifeguard approached her and advised her that she was in violation of the pool's "No FOOD or DRINK" policy. The young mother says that she noticed the lifeguards staring at her as soon as she started to feed her son, and then suddenly one male lifeguard approached her. She says that the lifeguard advised her that she was not allowed to feed in the pool area, it was in violation of the pool policy.

The woman says that she told the lifeguard she has to right to feed where she wants, but the situation made her feel really uncomfortable, thus she left the pool area. She is now planning a "nurse in" protest next month.

The General Manager of the public pool says that they do encourage breastfeeding in public, but not in a pool.

Do you think woman is in the wrong here, or was the lifeguard out-of-line for approaching her? Please comment below.

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