Last summer, Lil Boosie was acquitted of murder charges from a 2010 incident. Less than one year later, Boosie - real name Torrence Hatch - has completed the Angola State prison GED program and earned his diploma.

Boosie is seen showing off his accomplishment in a photo (above) that has been making its rounds all over the web. Smiling from ear to ear with his closest relatives by his side, dressed in a blue cap and gown, the Baton Rouge rapper seems to be following through with his goals for self-improvement that he expressed in an interview with Spin Magazine earlier this year.

I've coped by knowing in my heart that I'm someone special who many people love. If you lose hope in yourself, you'll make your time hard. I always felt that my mission wasn't complete. I feel I haven't reached the star power that was destined for me," Boosie wrote. "That makes me keep writing and thinking of ways to better myself as a man and artist. When it feels like the world is on my shoulders, I look at my pictures from when I was free and it gives hope and determination to pushing.

Hatch, who is still serving an eight year sentence for drug charges - even though he beat a separate murder case last May - was rumored to have a mid-February 2013 release date from prison; but that release date is realistically looking to be somewhere as early as summer 2013, and as late as sometime in 2014.

As far as his plans after being released from prison, Boosie is said to have over 500 songs penned while incarcerated that he is ready to record with the best producers. This, in addition to the "beatles-like" catalog of music that he had initially recorded to hold fans over during his prison sentence, only to have his hard drives confiscated by the state until the they conclude the trial of Michael "Marlo Mike" Louding; the man who Hatch was accused, and found not guilty of hiring to kill a man named Terry Boyd.

Many are on the fence when it comes to whether or not Boosie should be a free man, but congratulations are definitely in order for anyone who makes an effort to better themselves, no matter what their situation may be.

Is Boosie really a changed man? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, check out this NSFW video (language) of him hooking up an awesome Easter party that he used to throw annually.