Lil Boosie has been a been a busy man since being released from prison a week ago, and he took time out before a recent press conference to tell Tiger TV how he believes LSU can become a championship football program again.

The Baton Rouge rapper claims that in order for his hometown Tigers to win a championship, the key is the recruits. Boosie believes that Nick Saban is stealing all the best players at Alabama and had this message for any undecided high school athletes.

Go on and come to Baton Rouge, man. Go on and put on that yellow jersey, man. Y'all keep putting on that red and white—Nick Saban getting all of our recruits. We ain't getting all the recruits like we used to—that's shaking up the scene. We need to bring back the No. 1 players and get it back together, man.

Up until last week Boosie, real name Torence Hatch, has been locked up in prison since 2009 and in the duration of his incarceration the power has shifted more towards Alabama when it comes to recruiting.

The Tigers aren't a "terrible" team, wrapping up the 2013 season at 10-3 and ranked #15, but Alabama has had the upper hand on the recruiting trail. This year Les Miles has already pulled in the #1 overall prospect in the nation with 5-star RB Leonard Fournette.

Because I'm gonna bet the house on LSU—win, lose or draw. I bet so many cigarettes on LSU in jail. I get into with people and everything. I had LSU Adidas [shoes] I colored. I used to wear them for game night—so I love LSU...I ride or die LSU, I don't care who they play.

Maybe Boosie is what Les Miles needs to help persuade these kids once and for all. Could you imagine pulling that trump card out at a high school recruit's kitchen table? BOOM! What up Boosie? Oh, LSU? Sure! Show me where to sign up!

I'm still wondering what yellow jerseys he's talking about though.

[via TigerTV]