We all remember TerRio, the kid that did the 'Oooooh Kill'em' dance. Meet Lil Meatball, who says he can out dance TerRio with his 'Yeet' dance. He goes by the name Lil Meatball, a 13-year-old from Dallas Texas,  and he is now the star of Instagram and Vine, with over 117,00 likes and 136,00 re-vines and counting. Lil Meatball said he was playing around in the school yard with his friends and he started doing his dance, called the 'YEET', and now he is an internet star on the rise. He has already called out TerRio, saying he could give TerRio a run for his money! Here is part 2 to the Yeet! Too bad the New Orleans Saints don't have Lance Moore any more, I'm pretty sure he would be dong the YEET in the end zone! Ahhhhhh! Check out TerRio "trying" to do the YEET!