Lil Wayne is EVERYWHERE. In the last week he has rocked the VMAs, sold nearly one million records in the first week of 'Tha Carter IV's' release, skated with a kid from Lafayette while eating Zapp's potato chips, and now he is going airborne at Rob Dyrdek's famous Fantasy Factory.

Rob Dyrdek's cousin Drama took to his Young and Reckless blog to talk about Wayne's progress and dedication to skateboarding.

To be dead honest, it's obvious that he's been putting some serious time into skating. He's gotten noticeably better since he was there last time about a month ago. As a skateboarder I truly respect it. The fact the this dude is the biggest name in music right now and still cares enjoys skating enough that hes going to put hours a day into it is pretty insane. This time he kicked it up a notch by letting Rob pull him into the foam pit with the go cart. Sketchy! We cranked his trucks as tight as we could and I still thought for sure he wasnt making it into the foam. After a couple roll ups he did it, twice! So sick. Thanks again to Weezy and the whole Cash Money family. A million albums sold and first foam pit launch all in the same week.

What will Weezy do next?