Well, it seems that when Lil Wayne does something, he really goes all out. He is referred to by many as "the best rapper alive." His work ethic is ridiculous. When it comes time to pick songs for an album, it has been noted that Wayne has HUNDREDS of tracks to decide on... and those are just the really good ones. So it's understandable that with his new found passion for skateboarding, he displays the same dedication.

We have showed you numerous videos of Weezy in late night sessions at skate parks all across the country. Even though he has taken his fair share of falls, he stuck with it and it doesn't look like he plans on slowing down anytime soon.

He is so serious about skating, Wayne travels around the country with his own personal skate ramp attached to the back of a Cadillac Escalade. According to TMZ, Wayne totes a portable quarter pipe that is stashed inside a portable trailer that is pulled by an Escalade that follows his tour bus as Wayne rocks shows on a nightly basis from coast to coast.

Unlike most skaters who are mostly at the mercy of their teenage allowance when they start out, Wayne's millions allow for him to have a slight advantage over others that are just getting started. For instance, how many rookie skaters have their own personal professional skaters that travel with them? How many kids start out skating with pros like Steve Berra and Rob Dyrdek?

We'll keep you posted on Wayne's progress in his quest to go pro in the skate game!