Lil Wayne addressed the All-Star weekend video footage of him berating the the Miami Heat and the NBA recently, and to no surprise he basically said "sorry, i'm not sorry." In fact, in a radio interview with WEDR, Weezy went on to say that amongst his profanity-laced rant towards The Heat, the players, and the league - he meant what he said.

I don’t apologize for that night. I don’t apologize for being who I am ... I don't take nothing back ... This is who I am

TMZ reports that although Wayne is offering NO apologies, he does want to take back what he said about LeBron James, saying "I didn't mean to say ['f--k LeBron'] That's my homie." He also apologized to the city of Miami, but not the Heat specifically.

In case you missed the video, feel free to relive the moment up top. The jury is still out on whether or not the Young Money head honcho really slept with Chris Bosh's wife or not, but that is still by far the lowest blow in his epic rant.

During the radio interview, Wayne says this all started back during the Heat-Lakers game last week, when Dwayne Wade allegedly cussed him out for rooting for the Lakers. Wayne was kicked out of the arena for supposedly making a "gun gesture" at someone, and since then things have been extra heated... and according to TMZ, "he hates everyone..." (except LeBron.)

The NBA has already come forward to say that Wayne's claim that they banned him from all NBA events is bogus, but still no word from the Big 3 in response to Weezy's All-Star weekend episode.