According to TMZ, while shooting a video in New Orleans for the upcoming 'God Bless Amerika' song, Lil Wayne did some fancy footwork on the old red, white and blue. The flag started out as a backdrop for Weezy's performance, then dropped to show a crowd of people behind him. We're not quite sure whether he intended on walking/stepping/dancing on the flag (as we can't see from the director's camera angle as to whether or not it's in the frame), but it certainly is from the sideline camera.

There's plenty of rules for handling the American flag, and many outside of those in the armed forces are aware of all the rules, but we're pretty sure this violates at least 3 of em.

He is making a music video, and certain provisions protect people under the 'Freedom of Speech' laws of the Constitution; but sometimes, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. He has the right to free speech, as all Americans have the right to support or not support that message.

Was it freedom of speech, or totally unforgivable disrespect of our flag? Discuss...