Lil Wayne wants to give you a first hand look into his life. He's calling it 'Weezy Wednesdays.' The first episode is a look inside his crib in New Orleans. See how Lil Wayne really lives.

Do you want to see how Lil Wayne is really living? Make sure you tune into his new YouTube channel called Weezy Wednesdays, where every Wednesday he shows you how he really lives.

Everything from how he makes his coffee in the mornings (three scoops of sugar before the coffee goes in) to what's inside his closet, and even what kind of mouthwash he uses.

Lil Wayne is really going in on this one.

This is the first episode which shows his crib in New Orleans, but all you really see is an empty million dollar house. Or, he just keeps it really clean.

We can't wait to see what he does next.