Will Lindsay Lohan ever learn? Law enforcement has told TMZ that LiLo lied to the cops Friday by telling them that she was NOT driving the Porsche that crashed into the back of a semi truck on the Pacific Coast Highway. Lohan told police that she was the passenger in the Porsche being driven (and eventually crashed) by her assistant. The only problem with that story is that it didn't line up with the story that her assistant told police later - a story that placed Lindsay behind the wheel.

In addition to the police eventually putting two and two together, many eyewitnesses said both Lindsay and her assistant got out of the passenger side of the vehicle, meaning she had to hop over the center console. Police are currently writing up a report that will include Lindsay Lohan's lie, which is not good news for her. Lying to police registers under the crime of providing false information to a police officer, not to mention Lohan is still on probation from her shoplifting case.

It looks like Ms. 'Can't Get Right' is facing jail on two fronts, and doesn't seem too concerned about it at all as she appeared on set for her Lifetime movie "Liz and Dick" looking as cool as a cucumber.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan should go to jail for lying to police and violating her probation?