A Baton Rouge television station, WAFB, is reporting that a lingerie store in Gonzales, La. is accepting EBT card payments from it's customers.

"Kiss My Lingerie" has a sign posted on it's front door that says it accepts payment via most major credit cards and even with EBT cards. Is it legal, in a sense it actually is!!!

The EBT card is NOT just used for purchasing food, the state allows it for cash payments, other than at a casino, for alcohol, tobacco, and other adult rated entertainment. So technically, you can use your EBT card to purchase clothing, or in this case lingerie.

According to the story, "A spokesperson for the Department of Children and Family Services said the EBT card, or the Louisiana Purchase card, is not just for food stamps. There are also cash benefits available for other family needs." But does lingerie fall into the category of a "need," we will let you decide on that one!!!

This store, and others that allow the EBT card for such purchases, is NOT in violation of the law because Louisiana does not dictate how each family must spend the money that is on the card. Retail stores that wish to allow it's customers to make purchases using the card must apply through the Federal Government.

We ask, what do you think about this store and others that allow it's customers to purchase such items using their EBT cards? Keep in mind, the stores are NOT doing anything illegal here. Do you blame the government? Comment below.