This is just sad! Watch as this little girl tries to keep her mom awake who is under the influence of some type of substance, all while on a city bus in Philadelphia.

As you can see in this video, the little girl, no more then 8 or 9 years-old, tries over and over again to wake up her mother while on a city bus in Philadelphia. The mother is hunched over in her seat, facing the aisle. She looks like she is on some really bad drugs.

You can hear her little girl say. "Mama." then says it again. "Mama!" The words coming out of the little girls mouth will make you so sad and feel the little girl's pain as she tells her mom "Come on," "Wake Up," as she tries to hold her mother's head up.

This video, which goes on for 4 1/2 minutes, was posted by the "People of Septa" Facebook page. The page is notorious for showing highly intoxicated people on public transportation.

No criminal charges have been files against the mother. Police are still looking into the matter.