At SCS Driving Academy, their mission is to ensure the safety of next generation drivers by offering a comprehensive driver education program that places an emphasis on defensive driving.

Their courses consist of thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction and four (4) two-hour private/individual behind-the-wheel driving sessions scheduled for your convenience. Their classroom instruction covers the topics necessary to ensure safe and responsible defensive driving:

  • The Basics of Traffic Safety
  • Traffic Signals, Signs and Speed Limits
  • Getting Ready to Drive
  • The Physics of Driving
  • Operating Your Vehicle
  • Managing Emergencies
  • The DMV Manual
  • The DMV Test

They Can Answer Questions Relating to: At what age can I obtain a learner's permit? A driver's license? How long is a driver's education course? What steps do I need to take to be able to work offshore?

Safety Compliance Services offers bilingual instructors along with IADC and PEC approved trainers. There are grants for training through the INCUMBENT WORKER TRAINING PROGRAM (IWTP).

Led by: Richard Guillory

Founded: May 2003