The equation is pretty simple, the older the Lafayette citizen, the more memories they can recall. Being born in 1981, my memories of Lafayette are only a small fraction when compared to some of the members in a local Facebook group titled 'Lafayette Memories.'

Over the years, I have heard people reminisce about certain restaurants, nightclubs and occasionally someone will bring up the time in Lafayette when it wasn't against the law to get a cold beer at the age of 18. But over the weekend I was added to the 'Lafayette Memories' Facebook group and I found out that there was a LOT about Lafayette that I didn't know!


For instance, did you know that along with a puppet show, a movie theater and a Burger King with a sunken restaurant, there was also a daiquiri place in the Acadiana Mall?? [now known as the Mall of Acadiana]

Did you know about that "cursed" corner of Johnston & Doucet?

Some folks have even admitted to being employed at former Lafayette hot-spots!

The 'Lafayette Memories' Facebook group isn't a new group, but for some reason gained over 2500 people over the span of this past weekend, which can be quite a problem for those who previously belonged to the group, or those who were added this weekend and bombarded with a barrage of notifications from those posting in the group. (an easy solution to that problem is editing your notification settings on the group page, or simply clicking "leave group")

The group got so out of control, that Facebook policies gave the group no other choice than to become a 'Page' -- so go "Like" the Lafayette Memories Facebook Page here now.

There have even been similar new Facebook pages popping up like "You're probably from Lafayette if.." and "You're probably from Mamou if.." along with others like "You're probably from New Orleans if.." with over 30,000 members that have been around for a while.

If you nostalgia, particularly nostalgia from this region, then you should check out 'Lafayette Memories.' Who knows maybe you can add your own bit of history to the page and take over 4,000 people on a trip down memory lane.

Chances are, there was probably a time when that memory lane had WAY less traffic, lol.