Last year around late July I was up in Chicago, IL for a few days. One day while hitting up the downtown Chicago area I noticed that there were announcements on all of the digital billboards and scrolling signs making people aware that there was going to be destruction scenes filming later on that night for the new Transformers 3 movie.

My friend had already told me that the new Transformers movie had been filming for a few weeks now and that he knew a few people that had the chance to be an extra in the movie during one of the scenes. When I saw those billboards, I made a mental note to be in the designated area around the filming time and as luck would have it, when I showed up (along with hundreds of other nosy people just like me) they were set up to shoot just as they had announced.

I ended up chatting up a guy who was dressed in street clothes, but I had noticed earlier that he was saying some important stuff into a walkie-talkie. I wasn't sure what he did exactly, but I knew he was important in some kind of way that was associated with this movie. After a bit of conversation with this guy I realized the number one rule on set for shoots like this - the less details people know, the smoother the filming process goes.

This was my chance. I knew they would be telling people to move along pretty shortly, and with a few short words my new found friend basically tipped me off on me where to stand if I wanted to be an extra. I followed his rules and stayed put for about 30 minutes and just as he promised, when the security told most of the folks to move along, I was in the "safe zone."

I have no idea what scene I'm in or what Transformers are in it for that matter. They were represented by these huge blue objects with markings to be digitally imported in post production. I managed to snap a few pics that you can see below. Tonight, Transformers 3 will premiere at midnight, and that made me remember this experience. Take a look at the pics, and if you go to see Transformers 3 this 4th of July weekend, look for me anytime you see stuff getting destroyed!

Official Transformers 3 Trailer