If you won $700,000 would you quit your job or at least look for a new one?  21-year-old Alexandra Chaar refuses to quit her job serving at a Mexican restaurant in Clearwater, Florida.  I understand you might be happy and you probably get free drinks and margaritas on the house, but I would SO be trying to bribe someone for a higher position!Don't get me wrong $700,000 isn't really THAT much, but that is still enough to bribe the boss or hold you over until you find a new job.  According to Alexandra though no amount of money could change her mind,

No way," Chaar said. "I love where I work."

I guess there are better ways to use the money though.........college works right?  Chaar is currently enrolled and said she would rather use the money to pay her college's killer tuition.  Its a good thing she has a good head on her shoulders because I would have went straight to the car dealership and unleashed!!!  Chaar said she bought the scratch off at a local Food Mart in Clearwater Beach, Florida when she had the 'lucky feeling.'

They said that up to this point, their store had never had any big winners, but I just had this lucky feeling."

I wish I had her luck or at least the 'feeling.' Can somebody tell me where the closest Food Mart is??