If you didn't believe in miracles before, you will today. Ricardo Cerezo and his wife had just taken their 14 yr old Daughter Savannah off of life support after a countless amount of seizures. They like any parent that just lost a child, didn't want to touch anything in her room. Now forced with foreclosure of their home, had no choice but to start cleaning out Savannah's room. When Ricardo came across a cookie jar with a Lotto ticket in it. Instead of throwing it away he decided to check the numbers.

The funny thing is Mrs. Cerezo gave her husband a choice to keep it or throw it away. We all know how this story goes. He kept it and check it. Mr. Cerezo said :

“I was on my knees crying. Just asking the Lord, I'm ok with losing everything else. I just can't lose this room.”


Ricardo thought he had won a few hundred dollars only to find out later it was a $4.85-million jackpot.CHA CHING! He says the only regret he has is that his Daughter Savannah wasn't there to enjoy it .

They are using the money to pay off their house and collage for their other siblings. They also plan to donate a portion of the money to charity and their church.