It looks like celebrities and athletes aren't the only ones who need to proceed with caution when it comes to social media. I could have sworn all politicians had someone running their Facebook and Twitter accounts for them, but that is obviously not the case for Louisiana Congressman John Fleming. (of course he has to be from my home state, lol)

Ever since I can remember having a sense of humor, The Onion has been the go-to spot for satirical news. In other words, they specialize in 'fake news.' The news stories they publish in their newspaper and on their website often parody real headlines from the international news to local news and everywhere in between. The only person on the planet who doesn't know this information is Louisiana Congressman John Fleming.

The Louisiana Republican posted a story on the opening of a supposed 8 Billion Dollar "Abortionplex" on his Facebook page Friday

The article, which originally went online in May, was posted again on The Onion’s website last week after the Susan G. Komen Foundation announced it would no longer provide grants to Planned Parenthood because the organization is under congressional investigation. (Following a wave of criticism, Komen reversed its decision.)

[via TheHill]

In the article posted to Congressman Fleming's Facebook page accompanied by his personal comment of "More on Planned Parenthood, abortion by the wholesale" the Onion described the "Abortionplex" as having lavish amenities like “coffee shops, bars, dozens of restaurants and retail outlets, a three-story nightclub and a 10-screen multiplex theater — features intended not only to help clients relax, but to foster a sense of community and make abortion more of a social event.”

Of course it has already been removed from his Facebook page, but not before "Literally Unbelievable" - a website that features Facebook users who actually get fooled by stories from The Onion - got their paws on the embarrassing screenshot. (click to enlarge)

Sometimes I truly wonder how these guys get elected.